More than the recognitions, awards and little successes, I think the biggest lesson I learned this year is to embrace sadness and appreciate yourself more than ever.

It is in sad moments where you can truly love yourself more than you ever did. This year? I’ve gone sad for countless times and I think it’s beautiful. You begin to cherish little moments and strive for happiness not because you want to show the world the sheer joy you get from material things and all, but you simply want to be happy for yourself.

Stolen. Believe me. ©️ Jojie Lazarte

There is always room for improvement and even though failures keep on coming back, they’re there to remind us that we need to constantly learn new things. Life isn’t contained in a vase of stagnant water. You need to let out your emotions, your passion, your determination, the will to win, the courage to challenge and beat the odds. It is in those moments where you can feel emotionally and pyschologically secured and have a sense of urgency to do what is right and what benefits you.

The entire year, it’s not always ups. It’s not always ‘winning moments‘. You have to endure emotional letdowns and embrace failures in order to plan for the next move towards achieving your goals. It’s not going to be smooth as you would have expected it to be. There sure will be bumps along the way but the most important thing is to brave the destination you’ve always wanted to be in.

I am forever grateful for every opportunity, every challenge, even fear, those moments of pure bliss, heartaches too, and food. To all the people who are part of who I am today, I can never thank you enough for all the pieces of puzzle you put into the blank canvass of my success.

To those that inspired me this year, thank you.

To all the sleepless nights (or days) of overthinking, thank you for the eye bags. Thank you, 2017. I always say this but the battle isn’t over ’til it’s over.

(Repeat this: Mind over Matter)

2018 boasts so much promise and I hope it will turn out good or even much better than 2017’s.

Happy New Year!



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