When people don’t see your worth and appreciate you for who you are, it’s okay to feel sorry for yourself. It’s okay to drown yourself in sadness. It’s okay to just depend on your own. It’s okay to step backwards and hide in your shell.

When people treat you as a pushover, learn to protect yourself and stay away. You deserve to be treated nicely and you deserve better people.

If the people whom you call friends don’t laugh when it’s your turn to throw them a joke, it’s okay to feel bad. It’s okay to ask yourself why. It’s okay to feel that they are bored of you. You will be okay. You know it.

Some days you’d feel underappreciated and that’s okay. You don’t actually need other people’s validation all the time. In this digital age where social recognition matters to most individuals, know that an enormous number of Facebook or Instagram likes, even retweets and favorites (❤), doesn’t need to be the standard in achieving your own happiness. You have the power within yourself to stay motivated and inspired and happy. Never forget that.

Some days it feels like worthless to walk on the surface of the earth. And that’s okay. Explore the world in solitude. Discover new things on your own. Enjoy a gargantuan amount of irresistible good food on your plate. Do not be afraid to sit in a restaurant without a companion. Instead, be confident. You’re independent. They don’t have your stomach for heaven’s sake.

Do the job you’re supposed to do. Instead of pleasing others, learn to please the criteria and the requirements of the job that is expected of you. Most importantly, learn to please yourself in everything that you accomplish. Always have faith in yourself. You have what it takes to be successful. You know that you have the capabilities. You’re going distant places someday.

It’s okay to enjoy your “alone time.” It’s okay to go to the mall alone. It’s fine to watch the sunset or reach the summit of a mountain you’ve been wanting to experience without anyone you personally know. It’s so okay to spend a vacation on an island as if it were yours. It’s okay to visit beautiful places without anyone to rely on for navigation. You are self-reliant. Tell yourself that you can do things without other people’s nuggets of wisdom.

Yes, we need people to constantly remind us that we can do things; that they believe in us; that we have somebody to count on and somebody we can talk to in times of depressing moments. We need somebody who would listen when we can no longer hold it in our hearts. But at the of the day, in reality, we only have ourselves. And that’s okay.

Well congratulations if you have a support system. For people like you who are swimming the waters of melancholy, hang on to it dearly. Swim your way to the shore of certainty and self-actualization. Paddle your boat to the island of self-contentment. Enjoy little things. Be thankful for all the blessings that you received this year.

Don’t fret. Don’t rush things. It will take time but you know it’s going to be worth it.

Don’t lose hope too. Best things come to those who patiently wait. It isn’t over ’til it’s over. You have to enjoy the moment even if you have no one to celebrate it with. You’ll get used to it. Believe in that.

Bask in the glory of life. There’s a reason why you’re still breathing. You have a purpose. You have a mission. Until you finally learn it, it’s okay to go solo.

Sip a cup of coffee and relax. Watch feel-good movies and TV series in the confines of your personal space. Maximize the volume of your music as if no one exists in your world and you are the only inhabitant of it. Sing in the bathroom as if it’s no one else’s business. Snuggle up and cover yourself in a duvet. Sleep often. Eat that ice cream, that chocolate, that pizza you’re craving for. Go to museums. Go to movie houses. There’s a lot of things to get yourself busy into. While you’re in the waiting shed for the next bus ride, take the time to appreciate yourself.

Swim against the current. Walk through the busy crowd.

Learn to love yourself when no one else would.

Live for yourself.


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