Reasons Why We Travel

One of the main reasons why people travel is to explore places they’ve never been before. It could be somewhere so beautiful it strikes as if you’re in a paradise. Others, due to popularity and diverse culture these places offer, put them in their bucket list. Some consider travelling to heavenly far-away places to immerse themselves with the nature. And of course, cuisine.

Me? I travel because I want to. I want to because it’s necessary. It’s necessary because in the last few months, I’ve been feeling empty and it’s killing me inside. The reason why I am still breathing (figuratively guys, don’t take it in a different context) is, life itself. Always take note that living is a gift. Life has so much to offer and it’s only Him who knows what’s in store for us in the coming days. We should be grateful. I’m saying this because I choose to look at it in a more positive angle.

It’s true that happiness expires too. It doesn’t stay longer in our pockets. It slips away and when it does, it hits the most vulnerable part of our being and it’s either you get stuck in deep sadness or you get the strength to recover from it. If you pick the more depressing choice, you need to wake up from deep slumber now. If your answer is the latter, well, congratulations. It’s a cycle. Everyone goes through it. It just depends on how we react to it.

If you want to mend your broken heart, go travel. Yes, it does heal wounds. It may not entirely remove the scar but it’s effective in stitching the wounds that people and circumstances cause us.

I remember the first time I travelled solo to Baguio City, the farthest I’ve ever gone to so far. A few days after I celebrated my birthday in May. It’s thrilling yet exciting. My heart never stopped pounding as we ascended from the lowlands to one of the mountainous parts of the region. After overcoming the adrenaline rush, all I saw was mostly beauty. I learned to defeat my fear of heights (c’mon, high altitude, but it still attacks and gets me every time I’m in a higher storey of a building). Even though I now have the control, it recurs. At least I’m progressing. This solo venture made me realize that for the longest time I’m alone, I am still better off walking the thorny path of life like a lone wolf.

The bright side though is you get to know yourself further.

They said that travelling cures self-doubt, heartaches, anxiety, sadness, and all kinds-of-not-so-good emotions humans go through. Going to distant places teaches us to embrace differences and accept our capabilities as well as our limits.

The good thing about travelling alone is that it teaches you to be more independent. Exploring the vastness of a city and wandering through unfamiliar streets I seldom frequent to adds another level to it. It’s fun to learn how far can you trust yourself even in the most unpleasant of situations.

Most importantly, when you travel alone, you find inner peace within yourself. The thought of leaving your bubble for another is such an arduous decision. For some, it’s a scary idea. But for people who nurse the broken patches of their heart, it’s a therapy. It’s a miracle solution to an almost incurable disease that struck your whole being.

As I end this piece, I am sitting in a cozy non-commercial coffee shop that my friends and I would love to always visit every chance we get to spend a vacation in Baguio. It’s a melancholic rainy evening and I am hoping that the latte I just fully consumed would give me warmth enough to survive the relentless cold night.

P.S. I could have explained more but pagod na mga mata ko while typing this. Bawi ako next time.


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