Two Cents: Kita Kita

I’m no movie critic but I know a good one when I find myself satisfied and affected after watching it. Since its cinema release last Wednesday and good feedback and reviews are flooding my timeline, I programmed myself to watch it over the weekend. And a few hours ago as I write this, I’ve just seen the best local film of the year. To date.

Kita Kita is not your typical Filipino movie; not the usual love story we’re accustomed to due to its realistic vibes. It has the light atmosphere and at the same that heavy emotional baggage that viewers may feel towards the.. oops. For the sake of people who dislike spoilers. This indie film is a gem. Most of us are sick of the mainstream ones but I assure you that this movie is absolutely a breath of fresh air.

I know so well that Alessandra de Rossi is an excellent actress. I just noticed that she’s even better than when she’s appearing in the mainstream movies. Empoy Cruz is a refreshing sight to see. I didn’t expect him to be a good actor at all because everyone knows that he’s a comedian. They have this unexpected on-screen chemistry that will leave you gushing and completely smiling like an idiot.

This film will make you laugh, realize and reflect on a lot of aspects of life. But most of all, it will make you shed a tear. Yes, even in the first few minutes when it was mainly focusing on Lea’s (Alessandra de Rossi) story, tears will threaten to form. Eventually, you’d lose yourself to tears anyway as the movie progresses. Believe me.

The fact that it’s set in Sapporo, Japan makes it even more interesting as it will entice you to contemplate and (hopefully I can) visit the places they’ve been. Japan, being part of my bucket list, is one of the countries I’d like to visit and explore. I’m now thinking of including Saporro in the list of places I’d want to experience besides Osaka, Tokyo and Kyoto.

It’s understandable though that viewers may catch some flaws. After all, imperfections are perfection. Those lapses did not entirely affect the flow of the story.

The movie, almost half of it, is full of humor because well, Tonyo (Empoy Marquez). Just prepare yourself for some insanity and expect the unexpected. It’s a rollercoaster ride of emotions. A mix of emotions that you seldom feel nowadays in the local Pinoy films. Good news is, not in this one.

I also like the fact that KZ Tandingan sang the OST Two Less Lonely People In The World. It’s a refreshing treat to listen to her version. You know, that even makes it all the more emotional, for me, I don’t know about you. But I thought it’s beautifully piercing through your soul and would make you want to believe that someday someone will come into your life and erase all the doubts and your skepticism about love. Hi, single individuals out there. The song is for us. When we meet the person.

Although some parts of the storyline and/or plot are kind of predictable, I still like it. You just got to watch out for the twists towards the end. I also love the one-liners and the cheesy lines of the characters. Such quotable quotes. As I’ve said,  those conversations among the main characters and even the monologue would make you realize and reflect on a lot of things. Love. Your relationships with people around you. Life, in general. Time, as well.




















You can’t turn back the time but you can keep up with it.

So true.

It is also good to note how the main characters’ monologues struck me with a valuable lesson that you need to think things through ten times before you decide to be angry and let it all out. Words that are too painful to swallow, like time, could never be taken back once you spit them out. Yeah, the 90/10 Principle.

Okay.. I must say it’s worth the money. It’s commendable. I’m sure that most of you could relate to it for it will give you a lot of feels. It’s a good movie, overall.

I left the movie house with my tear-drenched eyes and a heavy heart (in a good way though because as broken a record as I am, it’s a feel-good movie).

You. Guys. Should. Watch. It.

This is the kind of movie that needs our major support. Don’t miss the chance to feel it.

It’s now. It’s never.

P.S. You are never gonna look at banana and cabbage the same way ever.


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